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As a new and single Founder, I'm constantly looking for any tools or technology that may be able to help me identify key components for getting moving in the right direction. Claritiv has been one of the most helpful solutions I've come across so far.

The ability for me to upload my meetings and session information into Claritiv, then have the system weed through every word spoken from each of those meetings and sessions and produce topics, action items and solutions that I can use moving forward.

Claritiv is helping me grow faster and having a clear direction of where to go with my company without the need of hiring additional employees to date has been extremely valuable.

Thanks, Sean and Claritiv!

Jed Simper

Founder, RV Safe
Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the platform handle audio and video recordings?

At Claritiv, we excel in distilling conversation intelligence from audio and video recordings. Our sophisticated platform carefully extracts the audio component from video materials, applying our cutting-edge conversation intelligence techniques to interpret and analyze the dialogue with utmost precision. This focused approach allows us to capture the essence of communication through voice, recognizing the importance of tone, pace, and expression in understanding customer sentiment and engagement.

Currently, our primary focus is on refining our analysis of conversations' audio aspects; Claritiv is dedicated to advancing our platform’s capabilities to include comprehensive video analysis. We’re laying the foundation for innovative features that will enable a holistic evaluation of communication—including the analysis of visual cues such as facial expressions and body language that enrich. We meticulously convert video to audio to ensure that every critical piece of vocal information is harnessed effectively.

Looking to the future, we are committed to expanding our platform to encompass full-spectrum conversation insights, which means as we evolve into video analysis, your business will be equipped with our platform’s capabilities to include comprehensive video analysis. We’re laying the groundwork for innovative features that will allow for a holistic evaluation of communication—including the analysis of visual cues such as facial expressions and body language that add depth to the spoken word.

By partnering with Claritiv, you're leveraging current conversation intelligence technology and also investing in a forward-thinking approach to customer interaction analysis. We're committed to expanding our platform to encompass full-spectrum conversation insights, which will equip your business with an ever-deepening understanding of customer communications.

What is the accuracy of your algorithm?

Claritiv is proud to offer an algorithm with an impressive accuracy range between 85% and 90%. Our technology is designed with precision, utilizing the latest advancements in machine learning and natural language processing to provide reliable and insightful analysis of your customer conversations. 

When it comes to conversation intelligence, accuracy is not just important, it's paramount. That's why our algorithm has been meticulously trained and refined to understand the nuances and complexities of human speech. It's not just about capturing the subtleties of language or interpreting varied dialects and accents. Our algorithm works tirelessly to ensure that the data you receive is informative and incredibly accurate, making a real difference in your business insights. 

Moreover, we are continuously improving our systems. Our algorithm's accuracy rate is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. By choosing Claritiv, you are selecting a partner dedicated to delivering exceptional performance today while also tirelessly working towards even more precise conversation intelligence for tomorrow.

Can users record offline meetings?

Claritiv is actively developing the capability for users to seamlessly record offline meetings directly within the application. We understand the importance of capturing every critical discussion, no matter where it occurs. Our goal is to provide an integrated solution that allows for the effortless recording of in-person sessions, ensuring access to the same level of insights and analytics as online interactions.

We are dedicated to bridging the gap between digital and physical meeting spaces. So, we are working diligently to enable this feature, which will allow you to bring the power of Claritiv's conversation intelligence to every meeting room. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development, which will further enhance your ability to gather and analyze conversation data wherever your conversations happen.

Can Claritiv provide brief meeting summaries?

Yes, Claritiv offers a multifaceted approach to meeting intelligence. With our platform, you receive succinct summaries that do more than just recap conversations; they provide a strategic snapshot of the meeting's dynamics. Claritiv identifies key contributors, ensuring recognition of those who drive the dialogue forward. We also analyze and present the topics discussed and their relative importance throughout the conversation, giving you a clear understanding of the meeting's focus.

Our analytics delve into the emotional tone of the meeting, capturing the overall sentiment of the conversation. We extract the key details and pinpoint critical pain points, customer preferences, and desired features discussed during your meeting.

Furthermore, Claritiv smartly outlines any open questions that emerge, facilitating ongoing dialogue and ensuring every critical query is addressed. It also identifies knowledge gaps, enabling your team to target areas that require further exploration or explanation.

This comprehensive suite of insights empowers your team with actionable intelligence, driving informed decision-making and strategic planning. With Claritiv, you gain a record of what was said and a deeper understanding of the meaning and implications behind the words.

Can the system be customized to specific organizational needs?

Certainly, Claritiv is built to be adaptable, allowing customization of the parameters and types of topics captured during your meetings. We understand that each organization has unique needs, and our system is designed to align with those specific requirements, ensuring that the insights you receive are exactly what you need to support your team's objectives and decision-making processes.

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